Hickster Projects

Marta Mancini

B. 1981 Rome (IT)
Lives and works in Rome

Her work proceeds through ruptures, made by new cycles always created in a dialectical relationship with her previous production, in a continuous dialogue with the medium of painting. From the aesthetic and psychological dimension of her early landscapes, Mancini then reframed this dynamic within large-scale canvasses resulting from a long, reverse process of accumulation and subtraction, where images became an organic, characterful presence. Now returning to an intimate size, her most recent paintings are formed through constructive, almost childlike pictorial gestures. Seen attentively, they change and may reveal themselves as interiors, landscapes with figures, houses, huts and trees, while keeping the quality of blotches and abstract signs.

Exhibitions include: Buds, Matèria, Rome, 2022-’23 (solo); Ineffable Worlds, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong 2021; Insieme, Aurelian Walls of San Lorenzo, Rome 2020; Mancini/Cresci, Matèria, Artissima, Torino, 2019 (two-person exhibition); La pratica quotidiana, Oratorio di San Sebastiano, Forlì 2019; Hdrà Prize, Palazzo Fiano, Rome 2018; Lissone Prize for Painting, MAC – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Lissone – Milan 2018; La molla, Matèria, Rome, 2018 (solo); Rosina#1 – Spectrum, Limone, London 2018; La vita della mente, Swiss Institute, Rome 2017.